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Someplace on the planet, someone is in need of specific medication to improve or save their life. Someplace else on the planet, this medication has been approved. Woefully this is not an unusual scenario. Ikris Pharma Network aims to bridge that gap. The entire humankind has been impacted by this disconnect, somewhere on a personal level. So we understand very deeply that our/your loved ones, your patients and everyone deserves a much needed opportunity at a better life. Early access-type programmes are a means to achieve this and we are making our mark to connect you to those opportunities. 

In maximum nations, any patient (the Named Patient) with a long-lasting, life-threatening or seriously debilitating disease has the right to access, buy, and import medications that are absolutely potentially life-saving or provide a QoL. Every nation has their own specific rules and regulations surrounding the access and import of advanced medicines, and there are several programmes and regulations set up for this purpose. These include the Named Patient Import, Early Access Programme, and Compassionate Use Programme, to name a few.

Ikris Pharma is a legally recognised company. We operate in over 150 different countries and have serviced thousands of patients to date.

We are required to follow a strict set of rules laid out by the Ministries of Health, the Named Patient-type programmes and customs agencies in those regions of the globe. We watchfully pick our suppliers on behalf of the quality of the products they provide as well as their potential to manage a reliable stock. We are also capable of negotiating to get the lowest price so we can promptly pass along these savings to all the patients we support.

As one of the finest companies to provide the Named Patient Service, we are aware that we are entering a new frontier. By providing deep information on this subject, we aim to educate 

patients across the globe so they understand that they have the potential to effect positive change. 

At Ikris Pharma Network our mission is to be a portal so that every single individual out there, no matter who they are or where they are based, has identical, fast and fair access to the advanced and best healthcare. We work on individual patients, on a Named Patient import basis, in accordance with their treating healthcare professional. We favour them in accessing life-saving medicines when certain needs are fulfilled: 

  • The life-saving medication has market approval in another nation and is unapproved or unavailable in their own nation.
  • There is no alternative on the market.
  • The medication is for personal use.
  • The respective patient has a valid prescription-letter from their doctor in their home country.

In the Named Patient Service that we provide, we aim to encourage the patient to consult their healthcare professional to establish their best course of treatment. Once we get a valid prescription-letter for that treatment, we confirm the validity of the information given, then manage all the next steps; from sourcing to shipping, to customs and delivery, as well as following up to make sure that everything was received in appropriate order.


Team Ikris