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Ikris Pharma Network was founded in 2014 and is based in Noida, India. We are one of the most reliable pharmaceutical companies for generic(or branded generic) and branded medication supplies globally, making it a key player in the industry.

Ikris Pharma Network has a vast range of 5000+ generic and branded drugs’ distribution services globally and is one of the top-notch generic medicine suppliers. As a branded and generic medicine supplier, we specifically deal in all types of medicines i.e. tablets, capsules, liquid, topical, suppositories, drops, inhalers, injections, implants or patches, etc.

Ikris Pharma Network offers its clients (hospitals, dispensaries, patients, pharmacies) up-to-date pricing inventory levels, and order status. With Ikris Pharma Network, clients have access to direct reach to 5,000+ branded & generic medicine & health care products, and their pricing-related deets, and Simplified, intuitive, branded & generic drug ordering.

In the industry of healthcare, we acknowledge that one size usually does not fit all. Whether we’re delivering pharmaceuticals or biopharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, we’re completely aware that our patients depend on prompt as well as punctual delivery of their pharmaceutical products. We understand that our patients place trust in us to deliver for them. With Ikris Pharma, you can count on us to deliver for you.

Our efficiently optimized transportation and logistics services, large-scale global network, absolutely strict adherence to national and international compliance, and topmost or supreme end-to-end visibility allow/enable our clients’ supply chains with agility, balance, and speed to industry.

Our experienced team is working relentlessly around the clock to ensure your precious and often life-saving shipments get to where they need to be – securely, at the appropriate and standard temperature, and on time.

From branded to Indian generic medicines, from RLD to Named Patient Program, Ikris Pharma Network delivers reliability for each customer across the industry. Have peace of mind to know that we have been delivering reliable solutions for our life science customers at the global level.

With proficient professionals, sophisticated processes, and impeccable reliability, it is our aspiration and liability to keep up to ensure our clients’ supply chains and businesses both succeed and thrive.

We have assisted more than 50,000+ patients to date. We offer Validated and Customized solutions for cold chain products including vaccines We have Exported Indian Generic drugs to over 150+ nations including Romania, Brazil, China, South Africa, Italy, UK, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Latvia, etc.


Team Ikris