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Clinical trials form the cornerstone for the development of new drugs and treatments, and all this needs meticulous planning, execution, and reliable data. Within this framework, reference-listed drug sourcing forms a critical aspect of the design of clinical trials to enable confident testing of the safety and efficacy of new drugs. 

Clinical trial supplies are investigational products, such as drugs, that are used in clinical trials to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. They must be properly managed and maintained to meet quality standards and comply with regulatory guidelines. Clinical trial supplies are tracked, stored, and transported according to regulatory requirements.
Ikris Pharma- Clinical Trial Supplier

Ikris Pharma Network is an internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical service company with a strong and extensive global presence. With a reputation for innovation, quality, and a commitment to advancing healthcare, Ikris Pharma Network has earned its place as a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry. It facilitates array of pharmaceutical services with the aim of transforming life through networking.

Key features of Ikris - Clinical Trial supplies

  • IPN carries extensive experience and rich knowledge of the regulatory requirements of each country for sourcing certain products with authorized and reliable global suppliers or partners.
  • Our legacy and experience help you to find appropriate RLDs from a specific country of origin. Empower your product development programs to run systematically.
  • Ikris can source and supply RLDs as required (specific batches & expiries) on an international scale.
  • Our experience with cold chain shipping and in dealing with international customs requirements helps us to ensure that temperature-sensitive study drugs arrive at your clinical trial facilities within the required temperature range.

Advantages of choosing Ikris

  • We maintain stringent operating system procedures to guarantee quality. Our trusted network of suppliers is well-validated
  • Our clinical trial supply services are streamlined to ensure timely delivery, with a proper tracking system to study the drug at the right place at the right time.
  • We offer specialized services in clinical trial materials supply using a global network of sourcing experience and infrastructure so that the study drug is available as needed.
  • We rely on exclusive logistics for optimal packaging, ensuring medicines reach trial sites within temperature standards.


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